Why Learn Practical Aesthetics Online?

Because it actually works...

Practical Aesthetics is a simple 4-step acting technique with one simple goal, to set the actor free. Let's be frank, many acting techniques are full of BS. Most actors leave acting classes or drama school more confused than when they went in. Practical Aesthetics cures all that. It's an effective and reliable technique to approach any and every audition, script or screenplay.

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Course curriculum

    1. Course Description

    2. Recommended Reading

    3. Case Study Scene & Worksheets

    4. Online Interactive Templates

    5. 1-1 Coaching

    1. 1. Setting Intentions & Expectations

    2. 2. How Practical Aesthetics (PA) Came About

    3. 3. Why Do We Need Script Analysis?

    4. 4. A Model of Human Behaviour

    5. 5. RSA ANIMATE: The Divided Brain

    6. 6. Left Brain - Right Brain Process

    7. 7. Summary of PA

    1. 8. Introduction to 'The Literal'

    2. 9. Step 1a. Listing Every moment (Training Wheels Step)

    3. 10. Step 1b - Chunking (Training Wheels Step)

    4. 11. Step 1c - The Overall / Popcorn Gist (Essential)

    5. 12. Synthesising / Hegelian dialectic (Optional)

    1. 13. Transitioning from Step 1 to Step 2

    2. 14. History and Purpose of ‘The Want’

    3. 15. Troubleshooting - Conscious vs Unconscious ‘Wants’

    4. 16. Troubleshooting - Objectives Don’t Have to be Personally Compelling.

    5. 17. Troubleshooting - Emphasising What the Person DOES, Not Thinks/Feels

    6. 18. Troubleshooting - Stating in Third Person

    7. 19. Troubleshooting - Competing Wants

    8. 20. Troubleshooting - More than 2 Characters in a Scene

    9. 21. Troubleshooting - Acting Alone

    10. 22. Troubleshooting - Context of the Want/Objective

    1. 23. Step 3a - Transitioning from step 2 to step 3 (Training Wheels Step)

    2. 24. The Action - Step 3b (Essential)

    3. 25. Action Checklist

    4. 26. Tools & Tactics

    5. 27. Other Technique's Use of Tools & Tactics

    6. 28. Beat Change

    1. 29. What is an As-if? - (Part 1)

    2. 30. What is an As-if? (Part 2)

About this course

  • £130.00
  • 42 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

What You'll Learn

With the Practical Aesthetics online acting course you'll learn how to...

  • Breakdown any script in 4 simple steps

  • Apply the best acting technique to any TV, film or theatre script

  • Nail any acting audition with playable choices

Your Instructor

Daniel Bradford is an actor, director and head acting teacher of 'Mindful Acting' where he specialises in teaching Practical Aesthetics, among other techniques, to actors of all backgrounds, from the next up and coming stars to actors already at the top of the industry. He is also Artistic Director of critically acclaimed theatre company Play With Fire Productions. Dan regularly coaches actors on not just how to get the most out of their acting, but also how to get the most out of their lives, through their relationship to acting.
Daniel Bradford Acting Teacher

Hear from some of the actors I've impacted

“Taking the Practical Aesthetics course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dan is so knowledgeable about the technique and makes it incredibly accessible and easily digestible to beginners. I never for one moment fell into the desperate and unhelpful trap of trying to master and move on. As a consequence, it was highly enjoyable and incredibly exciting time that has given me a strong foundation of a technique that I shall now begin the process of applying in my work. Thank you Dan.”

“Daniel is a life saver! Not only is he super smart and insightful, he also helped me find a new way of working. I always felt way more confident and prepared after coaching with him and he made the process fun! He’d often make discoveries in the text I would never have thought of which opened up new possibilities for me and made everything richer. If I ever felt confused by a scene, I knew I could count on him to shed new light on it and help me figure it out. I’m stronger for having worked with him and grateful for his guidance.”

Jennifer Spence (Traces, Travelers, You Me Her)

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